Team spirit: "be an ant with a clear division of labor but always holding together."
ZhaoDe Zhang
The doctorate of Automobile Department of Tsinghua University has been involved in formulating a number of national standards for smart cars, and authorized more than 30 international patents, including 15 invention patents. In 2013, he was awarded the "thousand person plan" expert title of Sichuan Province, and won the "outstanding young engineer Innovation Award" in 2017.
Xiao Wang
The Tsinghua University Automotive Department PhD, who has won the future challenge of China smart car for three times, hosts and participates in a number of National Natural funds and 863 major projects, and participates in the drafting and writing of the China intelligent network vehicle road map.
ShuHao Huo
Director of product business department
Master of Tsinghua University and master of Rheinisch Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen University in Germany, which are both double degrees, worked in the German continental group and the Audi Asia R & D center, and engaged in research and development and testing related to active safety, ADAS and autopilot. 
XiaoFei Li
Director of technology research
Dr. Ph. D., Tsinghua University, worked in automatic driving and artificial intelligence algorithm development in Toshiba and Baidu.
Fang Zhang
Director of technology research
Doctor of Tsinghua University, University of California at Berkeley, co - training doctor, has been engaged in the work of automatic driving navigation, decision-making planning and control in Japan Nissan advanced technology research center.
LiMing Song
Chief Marketing Officer of IDRIVERPLUS. He used to work as deputy general manager of Baidu LBS business unit, vice president of Baidu Waimai, and vice president of La Shou Wang. he joined Beijing Zhixing as a CMO, fully in charge of the brand public relations team, sales team and operation team.
Yu Xiang
Graduated from the Technical University of Munich with participation experience in the autonomous driving projects between Audi Germany and the Technical University of Munich. Joined IDRIVERPLUS mainly responsible for promoting the development and manufacturing of autonomous driving products.